Mr Mansell was appointed as a Director and Chairman of the Board in October 2015. He also serves as Chair of the Remuneration Committee and member of the Audit and Risk Committee.

Mr Mansell has extensive experience in the mining, corporate and energy sectors, both as an advisor and as an independent non-executive Chairman and Director of listed and unlisted companies.

Mr Mansell practised law for a number of years as a partner in corporate and resources law firms in each of South Africa and Australia. He retired from legal practice in 2004 and has since held directorships in a number of companies including BWP Management Ltd, Foodland Associated Ltd, OZ Minerals Ltd, W.A. Newspaper Holdings Ltd (Chairman), Electricity Networks Corporation (trading as Western Power) (Chairman) and Zinifex Ltd (Chairman).

Mr Mansell also chaired the Advisory Board of Pacific Aluminium Ltd in anticipation of its intended float in 2014.

External appointments: Non-executive Chairman of Ora Banda Mining Ltd, DRA Global Limited and the Cancer Research Trust and non-executive director of Foodbank Australia Limited.