Ranger 3 Deeps exploration decline

ERA is constructing a $120 million Ranger 3 Deeps exploration decline to conduct close spaced underground exploration drilling and explore areas adjacent to the Ranger 3 Deeps resource.  The Ranger 3 Deeps mineralised zone contains an estimated 34,000 tonnes of uranium oxide, and is recognised as a significant resource by world standards.

ERA's Ranger 3 Deeps exploration decline project made significant progress in 2013.

Overall, the project consists of two phases of development and an underground drilling programme.

Phase 1 development:

  • 1,900 metres of tunnel development, plus a 185 metre entrance portal;
  • Contract awarded to Mcmahon Holdings Ltd and on schedule for completion in mid-2014.

Phase 2 development:

  • An extension to the decline that will take the total length to approximately 3,000 metres and allow the acquisition of a large sample for metallurgical tests;
  • Approved by the ERA Minesite Technical Committee, scheduled for completion in October 2014.

Drilling programme:

  • Total of 52,000 metres of exploration drilling.
  • Drilling will continue throughout 2014.

As at 31 December 2013, the tunnel face had reached 1,694 metres from the surface, and development progress averaged approximately five metres per day. The six metre high and 5.5 metre wide tunnel is continuously ventilated with fresh air pumped to the tunnel face.

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