ERA takes road safety very seriously.

The 260km light vehicle commute from ERA's Ranger mine near Jabiru to Darwin represents a bigger risk of our people coming to harm than anything else we do.

ERA has very high standards around driving on company business, and is recognised as having a strong focus on promoting safer driving among its workforce.

We are committed to doing all we can to protect our people and other road users from getting hurt.

To promote safe driving in the broader community and to protect our people, ERA has produced a Road Safety recording.

We envisage that raising awareness of safer practices on the road will result in improved driver behaviour, making our roads a safer place to be.

ERA has a proactive Light Vehicle Safety Standards Committee which works to promote road safety across the business, and ERA is also a key driver of external working groups to work to enhance road safety among commercial users of the Arnhem highway.

ERA is also a key driver of community events, discussions and forums to promote road safety and improve driver behaviour, and works in close collaboration with the Northern Territory Government and the transport industry to promote the highest standards of road safety both in business and in the community.

The company has a light vehicle policy which sets out stringent guidelines for conduct while driving on company business.

The most commonly travelled routes our people use for work travel are the Stuart and Arnhem highways, which have specific hazards that all drivers should take into account.

These hazards include changing road conditions; heavy vehicles; fatigue on long stretches of road; tourist vehicles; wandering stock and animals, setting and rising sun and heavy rain.