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Our support is built on respect for, and long term commitment to the local community. ERA provides support to the community through community partnerships, in-kind support and donations of equipment and resources.

The aim of the ERA Community Partnership Fund (the Fund) is to contribute to the development of a healthy and positive community in the Alligator Rivers region. Preferences will be made to applications seeking support for projects effecting meaningful partnerships with local business and communities and which demonstrate a value-add to the local community. Funding requests for projects that seek to enhance the sustainability, educational and employment opportunities for the community will also be looked upon favourably.

The Fund will operate as a partnership program aimed at developing joint venture projects and community actions which seek to assist all members of the community. The Fund also aims to deliver a platform for engagement with the local community.

These guidelines provide information for potential applicants on the types of projects that may be eligible for funding, as well as how to make an application.


The Fund aims to target issues, needs and opportunities which are a priority to the local community. Specific objectives have been identified based on an understanding of the local social and economic environment, as well as through direct feedback from members of the community.

The Fund is to support projects in the areas ERA sees as key priorities. Those areas are:

Education and Training

  • Increase of the benefits of lifelong learning within the community
  • Improve education standards

Health and Community Wellbeing

  • Support programs which will improve the health and wellbeing of all members of the community.


  • Work with communities to address environmental challenges which impact on the region

Sport and Culture

  • Strengthen support for sport and cultural diversity within the region

Applications for funding must demonstrate the potential to contribute to one or more of these objectives. Applications should benefit the residents within the Alligator Rivers Region (see map). Applications must also clearly outline the benefits and outcomes to be achieved and how these will be measured both during and beyond the project.

Benefits and outcomes must:

  • Result in direct and lasting benefits to the wider community
  • Contribute long term solutions to problems
  • Generate benefits that do not presently exist
  • Demonstrate broad support from other key stakeholders; and
  • Contribute to the future sustainability of the area

Applicants may present a project that is already fully developed, or may seek funds for scoping studies to determine the feasibility of a worthwhile concept.

Applicants should have the active and practical support of the local community. In-kind or other financial support for the project, co-commitments from target interest groups or supporting documentation from relevant community representatives may demonstrate this. Eligible applicants are those who:

  • Can demonstrate the capacity to make effective use of the funds
  • Are willing and able to subject the project to performance measures that focus on outcomes
  • Can work in partnership with the fund and the business; or
  • Can demonstrate the sustainability of a project, without the need for recurrent funding.

Support from the fund may be the sole source of funding; however applicants are encouraged to seek funds and/or in-kind support from a number of sources, such as joint arrangements with government or private funding bodies. There is no limit to the number of alternatives partners that can be involved in the project.

ERA encourages employees to be involved in community development activities. Any opportunities for ERA employees to be involved in a project should be identified and included in the application.

Applicants should also identify the availability of funds or in kind proposed support from within their organisation or group.

Monies will not usually be allocated for:

  • Private companies seeking finance for their own business activities
  • Proposals solely for capital works
  • Projects benefiting an individual
  • Proposals traditionally funded by government
  • Political activities

Application process

The availability of funding and closing dates for applications will be advertised through the West Arnhem Wire, Kakadu Community Noticeboard and ERA’s newsletter and website. Applications must be submitted using the ERA Fund application form

Applicants may be legibly hand written, but preferably typed. They must be submitted to the ERA’s Manager, Communications & Partnerships either by fax, mail or electronically. In completing the application form, applicants must detail how the project will meet the objectives of the fund, how they will measure its success and how it will be undertaken. Funding amounts should include GST. The Committee will not consider incomplete applications.

The following additional guidance may assist in completing an application:

  • In order to gain a clear picture on where your finances are to be allocated, it is suggested that you provide a detailed breakdown of your costs and which costs you are seeking to
    be covered by the Fund. You should be able to demonstrate that your group is committed to the project by providing resources (funding or in-kind).
  • Good applications will provide a timeline for the project and its key elements. It is recommended that a commencement date for the project, key milestones/project component phases and the finish date are included in the application.
  • When submitting an application for funding, you need to be willing and able to subject the project to performance measures focusing on outcomes. Make sure your measures
    are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed.

Applicants should make every effort to complete all relevant sections of the application form. Supporting documentation may be enclosed with the application.

The Manager, Communications & Partnerships will review your application and determined if any further information is required before your application is submitted to the committee for

Applications are assessed by the Community Partnership Fund Committee, comprising committee members made up of ERA employees.

The Committee is chaired by ERA’s Manager, Communications & Partnerships. The committee will review and assess the application and decide by consensus whether the application will:

  • Be approved
  • Be approved with conditions
  • Require further information before making a decision; or
  • Not be approved.

ERA will let you know in writing of the committees’ decision on your application. If your application is successful, we will then make the relevant arrangements with you.

Successful applicant(s) must agree to:

  • Sign a letter of agreement with ERA
  • Use funds within 12 months of approval, unless the project is approved for a longer duration
  • Provide ERA feedback of how your project went via an article for the ERA newsletter
  • Make use of the ERA logo in print media and other marketing materials etc; and
  • Allow information about the project to be used by ERA for external communication and promotion purposes.

Contact information

For further information, or to start the application process, please contact:

Communities and Social Performance
Energy Resources of Australia
GPO Box 2394
Level 3, Energy House
18-20 Cavenagh Street
Darwin NT 0801