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Closure of the Ranger Mine is governed by both Commonwealth and NT legislation and regulations. The legislation that governs operations at the Ranger Mine on a day-to-day basis is the Ranger Authorisation, issued under the NT Mining Management Act 2018 (Mining Management Act). The main Commonwealth authority is issued under section 41 of the Atomic Energy Act 1953 (Cth) (Atomic Energy Act), and provides the key tenure and land access approval required previously for operations and now rehabilitation (the section 41 Authority).

The rehabilitation of Ranger Project Area is ERA’s strategic priority. 

The Atomic Energy Act 1953 currently requires completion of rehabilitation activities by January 2026. However, ERA has been engaging with Government and key stakeholders to amend the Atomic Energy Act 1953 and extend the expiry date of ERA’s tenure on the Ranger Project Area.

More information on the Mine Closure Plan.

Manage contaminated material
Transfer tailings into mined out pits
Progressive demolition & disposal into pit
Re-instate the landform
Water treatment
Backfill & Capping
Create final landform
Generate functioning ecosystem
Revegetation — 1 initial revegetation and habitat establishment
Revegetation — 2 ecosystem development and enrichment activities
Revegetation — 3 monitoring, maintenance and adaptive management
Confirm closure criteria met