Effective water management is a fundamental element of ERA’s business and environmental protection activities.

The Kakadu region’s extended dry periods, potential for extreme storms, and highly variable annual rainfall requires flexibility and innovation in ERA’s approach to water management.

ERA’s operational and planning activities are built on a comprehensive water management strategy that is based on industry-leading monitoring systems and significant investment in infrastructure for the storage, transfer and treatment of water.

In September 2013 Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles formally opened our new $220 million Brine Concentrator.

The Brine Concentrator uses thermal energy to evaporate water, which is subsequently condensed and discharged as clean distilled water.

This technology allows us to treat process water from the Tailings Storage Facility, which is a key element of our progressive rehabilitation activities.

This means we can reduce the amount of process water and better manage the impacts of heavy rainfall. 

HPD, LLC, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies manufactured and supplied the Brine Concentrator units and we now contract Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies  to operate the Brine Concentrator on our behalf.