Lending a hand to help injured wildlife

19 October 2017

Living in small communities often means juggling multiple roles and for Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) staff Des Purdue, Peter Sims and Sue McWhirter, this meant adding wildlife rescuer to their duties.

Peter and Des were driving back to Jabiru after finishing night shift at the Ranger Mine when they came across the town’s namesake injured on the side of the road.

They were able to walk up to the juvenile Jabiru and place a sheet over him to help reduce stress on the bird and then look to see what was wrong, which is when then noticed that his foot was bleeding heavily.

They contacted Sue our local wildlife carer (who was working in the lab at Ranger Mine at the time), who came and helped patch him up. Sue contacted Parks Rangers and they took care of him, feeding him throughout the day then releasing him back into the wetland area near where he was found. Great work guys.