Practical training helping to build emergency response skills

25 May 2017

At Energy Resources of Australia (ERA), safety is our most important value.

In pursuit of ERA's stated goal of zero harm, the company adopts a combination of clear goals, accountabilities and support mechanisms.

ERA also has comprehensive security and emergency procedures, a fully trained response group, and facilities to effectively keep operational areas secure and manage any emergencies or incidents.

At Ranger Mine, the Emergency Response Teams conduct regular training to ensure they have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge to enable the most effective response in an emergency situation.

During May staff have been learning practical skills to help carry out emergency response procedures including first aid and operating breathing apparatus. Breathing apparatus training includes learning how to properly fit equipment to yourself, how to regulate your air supplies but also how provide assistance to others in case their air supplies are blocked or run out.

ERA emergency response team members play an essential role in responding to emergency situations, exhibiting exemplary skills in all aspects of the job.

Scott Jaques, Jason Thomsen and Emergency Services Officer Des Purdue complete emergency response breathing apparatus training