Leadership in the field

21 September 2017

At ERA safety is our most important value. Our leaders are dedicated to ensuring a safe environment to work and operate in plus ensuring crews have the support and information they need to get the job done safely. This also applies to our contractors and specialist operators who visit our Ranger Mine.

In addition to regular catch ups, pre-start meetings and operations, ERA runs the "Leadership in the field" initiative. This weekly activity enables senior leaders to touch base with crews in the field on a variety of topics including critical risks controls, personal safety and process.

Recently ERA Specialist Environment Officer Anthony Reid headed out to have a chat with the contracting crew from Trademark Plumbing.

What activity were they working on?

The contracting crew were doing pipe installation and movement as part of a larger project to optimise the wetland natural filter process in preparation for the upcoming wet season.

What did you discuss?

Safety risks associated with movement of heavy materials, personal safety, working outside in hot conditions, and RUOK? Day.

What were you pleased to see/hear?

I was most pleased to hear that Gaz and Damo (of Trademark Plumbing) had taken part in our regular pre-start meetings and were aware of the processes and critical controls we use here at Ranger that relate to reducing the safety risks for their job.

They were very appreciative of the support they’d received from our supervisor Nathan Payne in preparation of the job and the coaching they’d received around Critical Risk Management (CRM) risks and Critical Control Checklists (CCC). It was also RUOK? Day and they had taken part in discussions and were aware of free support services.