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Pilots better informed thanks to new airport SkyCam

21 June 2018

Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) has partnered with SkyCam to setup a new Jabiru Airport camera system which will provide pilots with real time updates on tarmac conditions.

In addition to chartered aircraft transporting ERA staff, the Jabiru Airport is also used by commercial operators for tourist flights around Kakadu, transfers to remote regional communities, aerial scientific research and also by emergency response teams including CareFlight Helicopters.

Changes to runway conditions from dramatic seasonal weather, unexpected wildlife or aircraft traffic can force pilots to alter the approach of their aircraft, to delay or even cancel flights.

Until this month, that critical information was only available to pilots via staff on the ground describing what they see over the phone or via email. 

The new cameras installed by ERA will improve safety and help to reduce unexpected aircraft cancellations or delays into and out of the airport. 

Pilots are able to simply login to the website at any time and see the live feed for the latest visuals on the runway and any weather systems that may affect their journey.