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Ranger Minesite — Pit 1 Rehabilitation and completion of bulk backfilling

2 Oct 2020

ERA is continuing on the path of progressive rehabilitation with a significant milestone reached recently, this milestone supports ERA’s long-term vision to return the disturbed area to a viable ecosystem in line with its obligations to stakeholders and regulators, and the expectations of the community. |

Above is a video celebrating progress on the rehabilitation of Pit 1 with more than 13 million tonnes of bulk material movement now completing the backfill of the pit in readiness for revegetation.

You’ll also see an update about the first plantings on rehabilitated land earlier this year. Some of the seedlings planted were grown from seeds collected by Kakadu Native plants and sowed by community members at the 2019 Mahbilil Festival. These community members are now a part of the Ranger legacy, a part of history and will have contributed to the rehabilitation of the area for which many generations to come can enjoy.

While we have a number of years to go on our progressive rehabilitation journey, we continue to undertake research and monitor the progression of the rehabilitation, learning from and adapting techniques. This research and monitoring has demonstrated resilience, good survival rates, and the return of other native flora and fauna. For more information on our closure and progressive rehabilitation, you can read our Mine Closure Plan update.